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Mac & Devin Go to High School (soundtrack) full free download movies link

Mac & Devin Go to High School (soundtrack)

Mac & Devin Go to High School is a collaborative soundtrack, and album by American rappers Wiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dogg, which was released on December 13, 2011, by Atlantic Records.The film stars rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in the title roles, along with Mike Epps, Teairra Mari, Andy Milonakis, Luenell in supporting roles and the voice of Mystikal in a guest appearance. The story follows two college students, geeky Devin, and badman Mac who is a stoner. He befriends Devin, and introduces him to cannabis.The film was supposed to be a straight-to-DVD release on 20 April 2012, however was then pushed back to 3 July 2012. The film has been seen by critics, and received mixed response from most critics who have already reviewed it
Mac & Devin Go to High School 2012

Mac & Devin Go to High School

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Mac & Devin Go to High School Snoop Dogg announced plans for the release of a film, and soundtrack alongside with Wiz Khalifa back in January, with the release of the song "Dat Good", originally intended to be the soundtrack's lead single.[11] It was supposed to be set for a straight-to-DVD release on April 20, but was pushed back to July 3. Wiz Khalifa spoke on the soundtrack saying "It's a real big deal because nobody's done it like that as far as a veteran in the game, an OG, a pioneer and then the newest, youngest, most exciting dude in rap coming through, and really just giving people a complete project," Wiz said. "I'm a fan of it, separate myself from making it, [I'm] a huge fan of it. Can't wait." As far as the musical vibe of the soundtrack, Snoop described it, "It's something to relax you and get you through the day; it's some real good music. The music is quality, I don't even have no title for it, as far as what kinda music is it, it's centric, it's ...," Dogg said searching for the right words before his partner-in-rhyme lent a hand.[12]
The film is set in a Los Angeles high school. The story follows Valedictorian hopeful Devin Overstreet (Wiz Khalifa) struggling to pen his graduation speech when it becomes clear that all his academic overachievements have left him with little to no real-life experiences. He finds an unlikely inspiration in the least-achieving student on campus, Mac Johnson (Snoop Dogg). Mac, a 15-year senior and consummate ladies man, is smitten by the school's new substitute chemistry teacher. He soon realizes that the only way he'll truly have a chance with her is if he finally graduates high school. In 3 weeks time, Mac must cram four years of high school academics, while Devin must cram four years of teenage experience.

Mac & Devin Go to High School

Directed by     Dylan C. Brown
Produced by     Jamieson Stern
Written by     Herschel Faber
Jarrett Golding
Starring     Snoop Dogg
Wiz Khalifa
Mike Epps
Teairra MarĂ­
Andy Milonakis
Music by     Snoop Dogg
Wiz Khalifa
Distributed by     Paramount Pictures
Doggystyle Records
Release date(s)
3 July 2012
Country     America
Language     English
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